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The #truNora tracks

The Real Candidate Experience

The NORA’s are all about candidate experience so it’s fitting that we open with this track. Hear from real job seekers what their experience has been with recruiters, hiring managers, job boards and how it can improve. Give your views and feedback on what you’ve seen.

Technology And Integration

With daily changes in recruiting technology, what’s hot and what is not? From aggregators, job posters, ATS, to the good old fashioned data-base, how can you make technology work for you and you for it? What is the essential tool-kit and what sits in the “shiny new things category?”

Community Building

The talk in recruiting at all angles is all about community. At #truManchester we struggled for a definition. What constitutes a community? How do they work? Whats the balance between on-line and off-line communities and the behaviours required? What part can technology play? Who owns and controls the community? expect a lively conversation with a few case studies thrown in.

Going Niche

All the talk is that survival for many in the sector is dependent on building a niche. how big does a niche have to be to sustain a business? where is the war for talent and how can talent shortage be turned in to revenue? how do you turn a niche from domestic to competing globally? how do you source and attract rare talent? If niche is in your plan, this is a must attend track.

New Model Army

The recession and technology are changing the recruiting landscape. From flat fee web-based recruiting, white label job boards, recruitment broking, consultancy and research, corporate recruiting, the models are constantly changing. How many ways can you reinvent recruiting? this track looks at recruitment modelling, innovation and where the market might be going.

Being Mobile

From I-Pads to mobile apps, i-phone to android, the world of mobile recruiting just gets bigger and bigger. with so much sign up, where does it stop? Is it a case of fad or a real must have? where is the technology going in the future? what of location-based recruiting and where does 4-square fit in? All this and more in one of the most topical discussion areas of the day.

Linking In

London has the highest volume of page hits to linked In of any city in the world. linked in forms a key part of the recruiters role. is linked In a job board? How do you make Linked IOn social? How many referrals do you need? What makes up a perfect profile? All this and more.

Sales From Technology

Most technology is geared to candidates and job seekers. in this track we look at how the same technology can be used to convert information in to sales leads and opportunities to sell. What is the best way and the best applications to gather and filter sales information?share ideas and take a new look at technology.

In The Clouds

If the world is moving to cloud computing, what impact does this have on the sector? What are the key issues and concerns with migrating to the cloud? What is the impact on existing infrastructure? What for the future of design, applications and new launches? Where is the cloud now and where will it be?

Social media Circus

All of a twitter? Cant face Facebook for anything but friends? See social media as a threat, a game changer or a complete waste of time? Talk to practitioners who are working out the best way to harness these channels. Share your successes and failures with some leading practitioners.

Big Brother

Video is everywhere. from You Tube to U-stream, video CV to Video Interview. Talk pro’s, cons and integration in developing video as part of your mix. Video for branding and candidate applications, with the additional introduction and launch of some leading edge technology.

The Blog Squad.

Everybody is at it these days, from personal to corporate blogs. It’s great for S.E.O. and can attract a whole new audience. Share with new bloggers and some of the most experienced, from content to objective and results. never be short of ideas from a track that has launched over 15 blogs after attending.

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  1. October 12, 2010 11:18 am

    i’d like to subscribe to info and updates from truNORA. Would also be interested in learning the format and what ‘tracks’ actually mean…how does an unconference actually work in practice. The next event on 4th Nov…where is it located?

    • October 14, 2010 12:20 am

      Hi lisa,
      Will add you to the feed. Tracks are discussions around a topic that anyone can take part in. They last an hour and have “expert” track leaders to facilitate and input.
      We run 3 tracks at the same time and you can move between each.
      Looking at your website holder, you would be very much at home in the conversation.
      #truNora is in Soho, london.


  1. #truNORA interviews

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