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Sales Leads From Technology

October 19, 2010

MyResourcer.Com co-founder Mark Lennard talks generating sales leads from the web at #truManchester

Mark will be running this track again in an area that is often over-looked. technology is not just about candidates.


#TruManchester interview: Social Media Circus

October 19, 2010

Intern Sarah J Fuller talks with Alistair Walker about the social media circus, and the things she was picking up from #truManchester.

We will be featuring more of the jobsite/#trumanchester videos over the coming days, to give a taste of what to expect at #truNora

#truNora attracts the best brains!

October 16, 2010

This has been a good week for #truNora. Tickets are selling out fast and we are close to completing the list of track-leaders.


Photo Credit: McMicken College of Arts and Sciences,


I’m delighted that my friend Eric Winegardner, the V.P. for Product Adoption for Monster worldwide will be larger than life and in attendance.
If you watched #Recruitfest recently, Eric was the M.C. and was not afraid to ask difficult questions. I’ve attended a couple of events with Eric before, and I know he has a great knowledge of the recruiting space which he is happy to share and input in to the tracks. Take advantage of the opportunity of networking with someone who was listed at number 42 in John Sumsers “Top 100 Recruitment Influencers.” John said of Eric: “The first thing you don’t think when you meet Eric Winegardner is, “This is the corporate VP of Product Adoption at a Billion dollar company.” Maybe, “Where does that dude get all of that energy.” Or, “Who picks his shoes.” Or, “Man, if I was only that good-looking.”

Also in town from over the water and signing up again as track leader is Amanda Hite, otherwise known as @SexyThinker. Amanda’s track was one of the highlights of #truManchester, with her no nonsensense approach to lifestyle branding and how employers that are passionate about their employees create a great employer brand.
Amanda is over here to run one of her Talent Revolution events and to run some training for none other than Hard Rock Cafe.


Photo Credit: Talent Revolution.Com


We will also be joined by Alison McCue, the Regional Training Manager for Hard Rock Cafe who will be talking real life employer branding, or as I call it, employee branding, as well as adding her take on people development. I’m really interested in how company branding overlaps with the employer branding, or as I call it “Employee Branding.” What Hard Rock do to engender such brand loyalty and advocacy,


Photo Credit: @AlisonMcCue


and how they channel passion in to service delivery. This is going to be a fascinating track offering a great insight in to one of the worlds leading employer brands.




Thats just 3 reasons you should make a point of attending. It’s an unconference so you get to talk and question the track-leaders and attendees in person. No nodding heads and listening allowed!

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#truNora send for the Army! Please Help

October 14, 2010

I’m hoping you can help me. It struck me that most of us in the community would like to do something to help our brave troops that are returning to civvy street. I know there are plenty of good campaigns going on, but with all these recruiting, HR and technology brains in one place, we must be able to come up with something new.
I think this could start by  just understanding the complications involved with switching back to civvy street. I also think we need a real understanding of what is needed, and the part we could play in it.
To this end, I’m calling out to the community at large to see if who  is connected with anyone either in active military service or recently transferred out, that would be happy to attend #truNora to share their real experiences and give feedback on the problems they face. Ideally I would like 3 – 4 to attend and run a track on “Civvy street.”
Brings a whole new meaning to “War for Talent”. if you know anyone, please let me know.


@employkyle is coming to #truNora

October 9, 2010

You might have heard the story of an enterprising graduate, Kyle Clarke, who started the EmployKyle campaign on the web. I covered it on my blog “Social Job Search” as an example of what was possible in the job search with a little innovation and creativity.

The outline is that Kyle set up a website demonstrating his qualities and inviting employees to pitch for his services. He included a downloadable CV and an outline of the type of career he is looking for.

This is Kyle’s twitter bio:

I’m an award-winning graduate looking to find a great boss! Could it be you? Take a look @my CV, Call for a chat & if you like what you see, BID for my services

As you can imagine, this up front approach got plenty of attention in the bloggosphere, and it wasn’t very long before his site was being written about and tweeted throughout cyber space. (He even had a PR company that posted his story in traditional media without charge!)

This is a typical day in Karl’s twitter stream:

@WBCareers No way! Brave enough!? Perhaps meet?

@BillBoorman it looks like a brilliant event. Amazing concept. Do you take a day/time off!!?

@BillBoorman as always, thanks for the tweets!!

@Hire_Friday thanks for the tweet

@hyperizeweb I’m sure you can! And do better! This idea would still be novel in your area. Send me an email & we’ll create a new concept!

Off to Blandford to see a man in a pub about a dog. Who knows what this one will bring!

@blue_latitude The positions available look very appealing, perhaps we could meet at some point next week? I’ll be in London Mon-Wed…

@Becky McCarey I think your going to get sick of me saying thanks but thanks again for tweeting today!

mmm emails….. This is good news! bye – bye fridaynight

Well Cheltenham took a little longer to get to than expected! I’m glad I left very early! Plus 3 great phone interviews on the way there!

suited and booted

American and Australian hits have quadrupled in the last few days! An offer would go down well!

@OneJillian yep just scroll down on the bid page+Many interviews over the next wk! Thanks,I designed it and LF did a gr8 job with the coding

@WBCareers just one way to stand out – !

@OneJillian well.. semi successful. The more employers who bid the more choice I have. Have a look round if you can.

2all attendees at #recruitfest who love a challenge and appreciate job seekers thinking differently… help me land a job

@JasonLauritsen I agree here’s mine but I’m at the other end of the spectrum; hopefully soon to become the recruited

@BeckyMcCareySBS @recruitgal If I ever land this dream job I’ll have to send some flowers or something to say thanks!

@andyyoung2 Good Man! Thanks a lot very much appreciated!

The up-shot was plenty of attention on the @employkyle twitter handle and site, quite a few interviews to date.  A fantastic story that has the makings of a great film one day. (Wouldn’t be surprised if he hasn’t already set a price on the rights!)

I’ve been following the story closely, having picked it up on the first day, and exchanged tweets on quite a few occasions. The upshot is that Kyle will be joining us to take part in the Social Media Circus, Candidate Experience and Gen Y tracks as one of the track leaders. This is going to be a really interesting story to share. I’m really excited about this one.

You can join Kyle on 4’th november at #trunora, but book your ticket fast, they are going quick!

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Book Tickets for #TruNora: Only £100!

Stop talking about Candidate Experience. Start Doing! #TruNora

October 8, 2010

I spent today watching the live broadcast from #Recruitfest in Boston. I won’t call it a stream because it was much more of Recruiter/HR TV. The recruiting blogs and monster teams did a great job with over 2,500 viewers across the globe.

My one disappointment from the day, and this was no fault of the organisers, was that the talk was again all about the Candidate Experience, or rather the lack of it. Unacknowledged applications, lack of feedback, hard to manage A.T.S. and much more. This was the same talk of the previous #Recruitfest I lead a track at 12 months previous.

In between, I have written countless blog posts, read many others and taken part in many discussions on the topic. It doesn’t matter if you are a job board, an agency or in-house recruiter, we all seem to have a driving passion to improve it, but nothing really happens.

I know there are some examples of great practice, and I’m going to share the ones I know of at #truNora. What my hope is, is that we won’t just talk about it, we will actually do something about it. Nothing massive, nothing revolutionary, just start expanding common courtesy to the candidates that applied for our jobs and showed an interest in our companies. Is that too much to ask?

My thoughts on what we should do as a minimum are:

1: Acknowledge every applicant.

2: Give timely feedback at every stage.

3: communicate time-scales and stick to them.

4: Give advice as well as process.

5: Refer the people we reject to other sources in the job search.

6: Treat candidates as people and not statistics.

7: make our application process simple to follow and complete.

That is my 7 steps to treating people as they should be. Not rocket science, not complicated.

For #truNora I’m going to set up a pledge wall. You can make your own pledges on what you are “actually” going to do to improve the candidate experience. We will be hearing from candidates in each of the tracks, invited to share their own real life story.

Please start the ball rolling by adding your pledges to the comments section below, and let’s take small steps to make a difference. Buy a ticket, share the story, but most importantly, stop talking and start doing!


Announcing #truNora

October 5, 2010

Candidate experience is the watchword for anyone working in and around recruiting. It doesn’t really matter if you are an agency recruiter, in-house, HR, technologist, brander, it touches on all that we do.
The National On-Line recruitment awards are judged and awarded from a job seekers perspective. It is only fitting that we use this gathering of minds to discuss, debate, brainstorm and share ideas that will ultimately impact on the service job seekers receive, and improve the whole experience.

In putting together the tracks, I’ve taken feedback on the top 5 issues job seekers have with the whole experience:

1: No feedback

2: C.V.’s going unacknowledged and disappearing in to the void that is the ATS.

3: Decision-making taking far too long.

4: Too many jobs on job-boards that just don’t exist.

5: Branding and fancy brochures that don’t match the employer brand.

These issues alone need acknowledging. We will be inviting job seekers from graduates to those 50+ to share the reality (not the theory) of job seeking, and to take an active part in all the tracks.

Come and join us for a full day in central london before the awards presentation and networking evening that is The NORA’s.

Tickets are limited to 100, and only £100.

Please add your thoughts to what we should be talking about and attempting to start resolving. All attendees will be credited in a white paper that will be produced after the event.

Over the next week, I’m going to post video from #truManchester to give you more of a taste of what to expect.

Looking forward to talking with you at #truNora.


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