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The Jobsite #truNora Competition

October 31, 2010

Jobsite continue to support real social networking, and by real social networking, I mean in person.

Jobsite have supported all of the UK #tru events this year through our supporter unsponsorship programme. It is our supporters that enable us to keep ticket prices low, making events accessible to everyone.

One of the big differences with event supporters at unconferences is that they need to blend in to the fabric, without exhibition stands or swag give aways. We acknowledge their support, and they jump in and take part.
For #truNora, Jobsite are running a competition to win a ticket, flight from anywhere in Europe and accommodation to #truAmsterdam and the fantastic RIDE event in the evening. (Recruitment Industry Dance Event.) There are already 1000+ tickets sold for RIDE, making it the biggest event of its type in the world. #Tru are proud to be associated with the crazy guys from RIDE.

In keeping with the underlying theme of #truNora, the competition is all about the candidate experience.

The wrongs of the candidate experience have been talked and blogged to death. We know there are plenty of problems, and a few attempts at justifying them. What we want to hear about is simple suggestions for improving the candidate experience in your area of operation. You can be a job seeker, recruiter, in-house, job board, technologist, anyone can contribute.

To enter all you need to do is post your suggestion. It can be 100 words or a 1000 words. You can write it or post video via You Tube. You can either put your post in comments, and I will move it to the main blog or simply post a link to your own blog or You Tube channel, all we ask is that you add a link to this post and mention The Jobsite #truNora competition.

All of the suggestions will be listed as part of the Candidate Experience track at #truNora on Thursday. The participants will decide which  is most practical  to apply, and will have the best impact on improving the experience. It’s not awarded for style, presentation or writing. We want real, simple suggestions that we can take away and apply.

Now, if you are based out of Europe or not available on the 25’th November, we still want your input. The winner can choose a flipcam as an alternative prize. The competition is open to all, not just participants at #truNora.

There is only 3 days left to enter before #truNora, so get posting!

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