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The #truNora track leaders

October 28, 2010

The strength of the unconference lies in the assembled people who contribute to conversation, and the trackleaders that offer great advice and keep the conversation flowing. Each has a genuine degree of expertise in the tracks they will be hosting, and a desire to learn more from all the participants.

The track leaders in no paticular order are:

Andy Headworth – Sirona Consulting
Amanda Hite – Talent Revolution – US
James Mayes – TweetJobs
Felix Wetzel – Jobsite
Alison McCue – Hard Rock Cafe
Dimitar Stanimiroff – Ovia
Peter Gold – Hire Strategies
Shane McCusker – Intelligence Software
Paul Harris – Recruiter Solutions
Jorgen Sundberg (Undercover Recruiter) – Link Humans
Martin Edmondson – Yorkshire Grads
Kyle Clarke – Active Job Seeker (with a great “hire me” campaign site
Lisa Scales – Tribepad/Talent On View
Simon Lewis – Only Marketing Jobs
Jack Barton – JobshopHQ
Abi Signorelli – Abi Signorelli Ltd (Blogsquad/ Audi boo chief)
Glen Le Santo – Journalist and Social Commentator (Blogsquad Chief)
Sara Headworth – Sirona consulting (photographer)
Alan Whitford – RC Euro
Laurent Bourat – Link Humans
Mark Lennox – My Resourcer
Bill Boorman – @BillBoorman
Charlie Duff – HRZone
Mervyn Dinnen – Stopgap HR
Stephen O’Donnell – NORA
Katharine Robinson – The Sourceress (Blogsquad)
Dave Martin – All the top Bananas
Keith Robinson – Site Advisor/The Buzz (Blogsquad)

Thats quite a line up, and we have a few more to add to run the new work for heroes track.

That’s a lot of good reasons for investing £100 in a ticket. Only a few left ….

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